Finding a good manufacturer can be a never ending tasks:

Many times you see an opportunity but you do not have resources to encash it. You may be in expansion mode and you would like to add more products to your basket but you may not be in position to expand your capacity or build a new facility. In that case you can out license the products required to a trustworthy manufacturer who can stand upto your expectations.

But finding a reliable manufacturer would be a tedious task sometimes, lets see how;

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Pharma Navigate Manufactuers

Manufacturer A

Manufacturer A have the desired product but he is not open to offer for the market you intend for

Pharma Navigate Manufactuers

Manufacturer B

Manufacturer B have the product but not the required GMP certification

Pharma Navigate Manufactuers

Manufacturer C

Manufacturer C have required GMP and is willing to support for specific market but don’t have desired product.

Pharma Navigate Manufactuers

Thus it’s practically impossible to cope up with the all the check points in our product search operation.

Pharma Navigate Manufactuers

Through PharmaNavigate you can get all the information on single click

How does it work?

Know how PharmaNavigate can help you in your business

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Choose your desired product

Search from ever increasing data base of products with necessary information like Country of origin, Dossier type, GMP approval, etc and all kinds of filters to ease and narrow your product search.

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Send Enquiry

Select the product of particular verified manufacturer and fill in the nominal details like target market, annual forecast and any other specific requirement.

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Sign MOU and proceed with negotiations

Get offers on your mail directly. Sign a MOU, here PharmaNavigate would use its negotiating and convincing skills to seal the deal.

Pricing For Buyers

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Buyers can check out our ever-increasing product list and can study the trend in Industry for free

  1. Search reliable products:
    Search your desirable products on our platform in all the categories and dosage forms
  2. Identify verified manufacturers by assessing their strengths like GMP approvals, type of dossier, and type of stability study available
  3. Check the trend in the market:
    Check the market trends in the Market place. Check which combinations are in demand, check how many manufacturers are already manufacturing those products, and in which country are these prominently manufactured.
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Per Agreed MOU

This fee is paid by the Buyer after confirmation of all terms and conditions by the Buyer and Manufacturer by signing a one-page MOU. A full money refund is applicable if the quality of the dossier is poor and unacceptable.

  1. This plan includes all features of the Silver plan like searching for your desired product and identifying manufacturers by assessing their strengths, location, etc. Additionally, you can send inquiries to receive multiple offers scrutinized by our Pharma experts.
  2. You can send multiple inquiries at the same time. Once we receive the inquiries our expert team will contact the relevant suppliers and revert within 4 to 10 days.
  3. We assist buyers and suppliers to negotiate and seal the deal. A one-page MOU is signed once both parties agree upon all the commercial terms and conditions. And after signing MOU we introduce the buyer and supplier to each other so that both of them can discuss and finalize the deal directly.
Pharma Navigate Pricing Card


Strategy based Pricing

In case your Buyer has multiple products requirement or Multi-service requirements, PharmaNavigate can support you on agreed terms with upfront fees.

  1. PharmaNavigate with its expert pharma team and ever-increasing product database would help you in finding your desired product in the desired timeframe.
  2. Along with product search, PharmaNavigate offers various services like regulatory filing, Market research, contract research, Tech transfer, RLD supplies, etc. thus buyers can have a one-point contact for all their needs
  3. We can help you in connecting with Clinical research organizations all around the world.
  4. We can also guide you to connect with the right partners like a manufacturer or distributor in your targeted territory.

Why Choose Us

Genuine Suppliers

100% verified suppliers from our experts.

Expert team

Strong technical team with rich domain knowledge.

Value addition

Add value to your deal by working out best option and providing market insight.

Support system

Dedicated team of professionals to give you urgent assistance wherever required.